The Colonel Axes Trans Fats

According to the New York Times, KFC chicken will no longer contain trans fats.

“The war against trans fat registered a major victory yesterday as Kentucky Fried Chicken — whose main course is deep fried — announced that it would remove the artery-clogging substance from its fryers.

KFC said it would replace partially hydrogenated soybean oil with a type of soybean oil that does not contain trans fat at its 5,500 restaurants in the United States.”

Hydrogenated oils will remain in the biscuits, desserts and various other KFC products.

We think fast food peer pressure is so cute. McDonald’s has been talking about switching to non-hydrogenated oils since 2002, but hasn’t bothered to do it. KFC plans to have completed the switch by April. Could this mean that KFC’s customer base is more health conscious than McD’s?

[Photo: Brent and MariLynn]

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