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Bizarre KFC VR Escape Room/Training Exercise Haunted By Ghost Of Anti-Robot Col. Sanders

What do you get when you combine virtual reality, escape rooms, corporate training videos, and a very cranky fast food mascot? In the case of KFC’s bizarre new VR training video, probably the weirdest eight minutes of your day. [More]

(Steven Pisano)

Man Experiences Every New Yorker’s Worst Fear By Falling Through Open Cellar Door In Front Of McDonald’s

You don’t have to be a New Yorker to fear the sidewalk grate — those shuttered cellar doors restaurants and other businesses have out front that are supposed to be safe to walk on — it can strike fear in the heart of any pedestrian, city dweller or tourist. One man embodied that common worry when he stumbled into an open sidewalk door in front of McDonald’s recently in the city’s busy Midtown neighborhood. [More]