A Watch Made With Swiss Cheese Exists

Image courtesy of H. Moser & Cie.

There are many forms of protest out there, from songs to marches to sit-ins. But crafting a timepiece out of cheese? That’s one we’ve never heard of — until today: a Swiss watchmaker has created a watch made out of Swiss cheese as protest to show how easily the “Swiss-Made” label can be earned.

A luxury watchmaker called H. Moser & Cie. showed off its one-of-a-kind dairy design — calling it a 100% Swiss timepiece — at Geneva’s annual watch fair to show how overly lenient the new Swiss-Made rules are, Bloomberg reports.

The watch is 100% Swiss, the company claims, from its locally sourced cowhide strap to the watchcase made of resin mixed with pasteurized Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese. The new Swiss-Made designation is so meaningless, the company says, it won’t use it anymore.

“As much as 90% of components can be made in Asia, but the watch could still carry the Swiss-made label,” Chief Executive Officer Edouard Meylan told Bloomberg. “The Swiss watch industry doesn’t want people to know that. We don’t want to be compared with a label that’s not strong enough and that many brands are abusing.”

The new rules went into effect on Jan. 1, and require 60% of the value of timepieces to come from Switzerland in order to use the “Swiss-Made” label, up from 50% previously. There are some loopholes, however, as the rules allow watchmakers to include research and labor costs in those calculations.

Meylan says H. Moser could abide by the rules by building a watch made with Asian parts and adding just one metal plate that gets polished in a Swiss workshop for 10 hours. He thinks the law should require 80%.

The company is now taking bids for the cheese watch, and has received a handful of offers at more than 100,000 francs, Meylan said.

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