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Washington State Begs Anglers To Go Fishing, Help Clean Up Farmed Salmon Spill

When you hear about a “spill” in a waterway, you might picture waste products or some kind of noxious liquid. In Washington state, though, the state is asking for the public’s help in cleaning up a massive and very problematic spill of live salmon from an aquaculture farm north of Seattle. [More]

Uber Settles Charges Of Sending Unwanted Texts With No Opt-Out

Uber Settles Charges Of Sending Unwanted Texts With No Opt-Out

If you’re interested in signing up as an Uber driver, a friend or driver can have the site text you a mutually beneficial referral code. Some consumers in Washington state reported receiving referral text messages from the ride-hailing app that they didn’t ask for, though, with no way to opt out, and now the company and the state have settled those charges. [More]

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Town Wants To Ban Pokémon Go After People Actually Use Public Parks

Businesses, museums, and homeowners have asked to be removed from the augmented, monster-filled reality of the game Pokémon Go. The city of Des Moines in Washington State is taking it even further, though: the government is tired of sending police to manage the swarms of Pokémon trainers in its waterfront park, and wants to ban the game. [More]

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Shoplifting Suspect Flees Walmart, Runs Across Highway, Causing Crashes

dIt’s understandable that someone suspected of shoplifting would want to flee the store, but someone caught in the act north of Seattle fled across an interstate highway and up an onramp, causing multiple crashes. Don’t be like this person. Be sure to bring along a motor vehicle when you shoplift. An even better idea: don’t shoplift. [More]

WA State Attorney General Orders Non-Delivering Kickstarter Campaign To Pay Up

WA State Attorney General Orders Non-Delivering Kickstarter Campaign To Pay Up

Last year, the Washington state attorney general tried something that no government had ever tried before: it sued the people behind a Kickstarter campaign that never shipped the merchandise that it promised. Justice moves slowly, but that case has finally been settled, with the company that failed to send Asylum horror-themed playing cards being ordered to pay a total of $54,851 in restitution, civil penalties, and the attorney general’s costs and fees. [More]


Town Opens Washington State’s First Government-Run Recreational Marijuana Shop

The times are certainly changing in Washington State, where it recently became legal to buy and use recreational marijuana. Joining bake sales and other fundraisers as ways to give back to the community, a small town in Washington has opened the state’s first recreational marijuana store that’s run by the local government. [More]

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Weed Glut: Washington State Marijuana Growers Outpacing Consumer Demand

It sounds like your cousin Darren Who Still Lives In His Parents Basement’s dream come true: Marijuana growers in Washington State are churning out huge piles of weed, producing more pot than people are buying. [More]

Apple Not So Clear On Where Washington, D.C. Is, Either

Apple Not So Clear On Where Washington, D.C. Is, Either

A Transportation Security Administration agent and some overly literal liquor stores in New Hampshire made headlines this week when they denied existence of the District of Columbia. Now, the iOS app store is also confused, thinking that Washington, D.C. is somewhere near Seattle. [More]


Washington State’s Legal Marijuana Shops Prepare To Open Their Doors This Week

Like Colorado before it, Washington State is now open for legal marijuana sales. With the first licenses for the first stores issued today — and a required 24-hour waiting period before sales can start — shop owners are preparing to welcome customers this week. [More]

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Washington State’s Pot Industry Gets High Taxes With Newly Approved Rules

After almost a year of researching marijuana and how to go about selling it legally, Washington state adopted rules yesterday for the recreational sale of pot, and everyone is watching. Well, everyone who’s interested in how to go about doing something similar in their home state or country. [More]

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Seattle Police Ran Out Of Hempfest Giveaway Doritos In 10 Minutes

Maybe it was all of the publicity. Figuring that people ignore flyers and throw them away, but that visitors to Hempfest might pay attention to containers of snack foods, the Seattle Police Department had the idea to distribute mini bags of Doritos with a stickers outlining the basics of current marijuana laws in Washington state. It was a great PR move, and successful: they ran out in ten minutes. [Twitter] [More]

Subtlety? Washington doesn't need no stinkin' subtlety.

Your Teenage Neighbor Is Totally Going To Slap Washington State’s Official Pot Label On His Car

Now that marijuana is legal in Washington state, officials there are working hard to make sure this whole thing goes off without a hitch. That means branding, of course, hence the new green (natch!) label that authorities say will have to adorn every package of legal pot. And of course, it’ll surely make the rounds of music festival-bound vehicles, guitar cases and your teenage neighbor’s car bumper. [More]

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Judge Orders Cops To Return Marijuana To Man Pulled Over For Speeding A Year Ago

It’s gotta be kind of weird for police officers in Washington State now that marijuana is on the up-and-up. Case in point: A judge is ordering cops to give a man’s pot back to him after they seized it during a traffic stop last May. Since then, marijuana in small amounts has become legal, but the cops are still hanging on to the guy’s stash. [More]


Washington Officials: Just Because Pot Is Legal, You Can’t Light Up Anywhere You Want

Listen, Washington residents. We’re sure some of you are pretty darn excited now that marijuana is on the up-and-up in your state, but that doesn’t mean you can just drag your pipes and vaporizers out of the closet and into the local watering hole. There are still rules that need to be set up governing such things, and the state’s Liquor Control Board says some bar patrons are getting ahead of themselves. [More]