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Study: Some E-Cigarettes Contain Carcinogens Similar To Those Found In Regular Smokes

There you are, puffing away on your e-cigarette, feeling like you’re doing something good by not smoking a regular cigarette. But popular though those tobacco-less nicotine vaporizers may be, a new study finds that there could be a comparable level of carcinogens in e-cigs to their traditional cigarette brethren. [More]


Washington Officials: Just Because Pot Is Legal, You Can’t Light Up Anywhere You Want

Listen, Washington residents. We’re sure some of you are pretty darn excited now that marijuana is on the up-and-up in your state, but that doesn’t mean you can just drag your pipes and vaporizers out of the closet and into the local watering hole. There are still rules that need to be set up governing such things, and the state’s Liquor Control Board says some bar patrons are getting ahead of themselves. [More]