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Microsoft Getting Into The Legal Marijuana Business With Software That Tracks Pot Plants

We’ve come a long way from the days of warning teens about the dangers of reefer madness, America. These days, major corporations are hopping into bed with marijuana in the hopes of making money in states where marijuana is legal. Microsoft is the first big company to get into the weed business, with a new partnership to offer software that tracks pot plants from “seed to sale.” [More]


8 U.S. Postal Workers Accused Of Swiping Packages Filled With Pot

While the sight of hundreds of packages filled with mystery goods going past you day by day might eventually prove too strong of a temptation, the job of a U.S. Postal worker depends on not pilfering those boxes and bags destined for others. That’s why eight USPS workers at a Long Island mail processing center have been arrested for allegedly stealing packages crammed full with marijuana. [More]

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Judge Orders Cops To Return Marijuana To Man Pulled Over For Speeding A Year Ago

It’s gotta be kind of weird for police officers in Washington State now that marijuana is on the up-and-up. Case in point: A judge is ordering cops to give a man’s pot back to him after they seized it during a traffic stop last May. Since then, marijuana in small amounts has become legal, but the cops are still hanging on to the guy’s stash. [More]