Shoplifting Suspect Flees Walmart, Runs Across Highway, Causing Crashes

Image courtesy of d(a href="">Great Beyond)

dIt’s understandable that someone suspected of shoplifting would want to flee the store, but someone caught in the act north of Seattle fled across an interstate highway and up an onramp, causing multiple crashes. Don’t be like this person. Be sure to bring along a motor vehicle when you shoplift. An even better idea: don’t shoplift.

A Snohomish County sheriff’s deputy was injured while trying to apprehend the highway escapee, who had run out of the store and onto I-5 in Lynwood. Having a pedestrian run across the highway only resulted in what police called “minor” traffic accidents, which is fortunate.

Sheriffs did eventually catch up with the shoplifting suspect, but hasn’t released any other information about the incident.

Fleeing shoplifter runs across I-5, causes crashes near Lynnwood [Seattle Times]

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