Daycare Gets Itself Removed From Pokémon Go After Too Many Strangers Show Up

Add daycare businesses to the list of places that would rather not have swarms of Pokémon Go players showing up every day: a New Hampshire child care center successfully got removed from the game after its status as a “gym” prompted strangers to pop up in the parking lot a bit too often.

The daycare’s director says the center will no longer appear as a spot for Pokémon players to train their monsters, reports SeacoastOnline.

She and her staff started noticing strangers appearing on the property after the game launched in early July, at a rate of about five or six people a day. That prompted the director to send a letter to parents and employees, noting that there had been “many random people pulling in the parking lot and walking around the property,” and asking for their help to send those folks on their way.

“If you see anyone parked in the parking lot or walking around the property with their cellphones that you do not recognize, please make a point to ask them to leave,” she wrote.

Soon after she realized what was going on, she began the process of asking Niantic Labs, the game’s developer, to remove the daycare center from its game. Two weeks later, she received confirmation that her efforts were successful and she should see “changes soon.”

“I am happy that they removed us. It was a safety concern,” the director told SeacoastOnline on Monday, adding that she’ll keep an eye out today to see if the removal has made a difference yet.

Portsmouth daycare gets itself dropped as Pokémon Go ‘gym’ []

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