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Eduardo Woo

Town Wants To Ban Pokémon Go After People Actually Use Public Parks

Businesses, museums, and homeowners have asked to be removed from the augmented, monster-filled reality of the game Pokémon Go. The city of Des Moines in Washington State is taking it even further, though: the government is tired of sending police to manage the swarms of Pokémon trainers in its waterfront park, and wants to ban the game. [More]

Robert Couse-Baker

Couple’s Lawsuit Claims Pokémon Go Has Made Their Neighborhood Unsafe

Pokémon Go has changed not only the way the game’s players see the world — a virtual landscape filled with collectible monsters — but it’s also changed the way other people experience it, as well. Like the couple suing Niantic and Nintendo, claiming that their formerly quiet neighborhood has been made unsafe with all the rampaging hordes of Pokémon Go players. [More]

Robert Couse-Baker

New Jersey Man Sues Over Pokemon Go Placing Critters In His Lawn Without Permission

The augmented-reality game Pokémon Go took the world by surprise over the last month with its popularity. That’s not very good news for people who have discovered that their homes or spots nearby are Pokéstops or gyms, spots where players might walk past to gather free items, or gather to battle their characters. Now one man who is tired of telling people that they can’t catch Pokémon in his backyard has filed a suit that seeks class action status. [More]