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Jon Fingas

Sony Confirms It Will Sell A More Powerful PlayStation 4, Codenamed “Neo”

If you’ve been waiting breathlessly for a new, more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, take a breath, already: it’s coming, but it won’t be arriving quite as soon as some rumors predicted. [More]


GameStop To Sell Steam Hardware Even Though It Can’t Sell You Games To Play On It

Why would a store want to sell you something that could mean you will not need to walk through its doors again? We don’t know, but GameStop is doing it anyway: the brick-and-mortar retailer will be selling Steam hardware next month — game consoles that are designed for digital video games purchased on the Steam marketplace… the exact kind of games you won’t find at GameStop. [More]


Kids These Days Would Rather Play Video Games On Mobile Devices Than On PCs, Consoles

Are the days of fighting over the best video game controller over? Perhaps, says a new report: though consoles and computers used to be the most popular for gaming, smartphones and tablets now rule the roost among the younger set. [More]

Katherine McAdoo

Microsoft Temporarily Dropping The Price Of Xbox One To $349 Again

After cutting the price of the Xbox One $50 ahead of the holiday season, it seems Microsoft is still in the holiday spirit, as it’s offering the console for $349 again as of today. [More]

My retail value is $399 but you want me, don't you? You do.

Yeah, People Are Doing That Thing Where They Pay Too Much For New Gaming Consoles On Ebay

As the sun does rise in the east and set in the west, people who didn’t pre-order are destined to panic and consider paying too much on eBay for the newest video game console. This time it’s the Sony PS4 whose disappearance from retailers both online and bricks-and-mortar has resulted in a slew of overpriced consoles popping up on eBay. [More]


The End Of A Gaming Era: Sony Says The Last PlayStation 2 Has Shipped

As someone who can still remember the unbridled glee that greeted whichever new gaming system arrived  in our household of three brothers and one sister who wanted to be a part of it all, it just feels right to note the final journey of Sony’s Playstation 2. The company says the very last PS2 has shipped and there will be no more — zip, nada, nary a one — after delighting gamers everywhere for over 12 years. [More]

Sony Wants To Compete With Cable, Satellite TV Providers

Sony Wants To Compete With Cable, Satellite TV Providers

Not content to let the likes of Netflix and Xbox pass it by in the realm of TV streaming, Sony is reportedly trying to swing deals with major networks in order to secure rights to programming. The idea seems to be to turn PlayStation 3s and Sony’s internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players into competitors against cable boxes and satellite receivers. [More]

Guy Orders 20 Xboxes, Microsoft Won't Give Him Right Power Brick For Just One

Guy Orders 20 Xboxes, Microsoft Won't Give Him Right Power Brick For Just One

Jon ordered 20 Xbox 360s and was happy with all of them, except for the one that came with a mis-matched power brick adapter. He called Microsoft customer service but says he was stonewalled, dealing with a rep who was either quite misinformed, lazy, lying, or some combination of the three.