Netflix Admits To Throttling Its Own Streams On AT&T, Verizon Wireless Because Data Caps

If you have a network connection of a certain speed available on your phone, you expect receive data at roughly that speed, more or less. That’s how it works. Except that’s not how it’s been working for Netflix: the popular streaming video service was moving at a fraction of what users expected, on Verizon and AT&T networks. Consumers were all ready to line up and blame their mobile carriers, but the wireless companies weren’t the ones screwing around with anything, as it turns out. Netflix was. [More]

This prairie dog is not impressed by your hollow threats of legal action. (Angela N.)

Fertility Service Threatens Customer With Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit For Complaining To Better Business Bureau

A New Jersey woman who thought she’d been cheated out of several thousand dollars by a service that connects prospective parents with willing egg donors did something that a lot of ticked-off consumers do: She filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau — not knowing that the company would then threaten her with a massive legal action for daring to speak her mind. [More]


GameStop To Sell Steam Hardware Even Though It Can’t Sell You Games To Play On It

Why would a store want to sell you something that could mean you will not need to walk through its doors again? We don’t know, but GameStop is doing it anyway: the brick-and-mortar retailer will be selling Steam hardware next month — game consoles that are designed for digital video games purchased on the Steam marketplace… the exact kind of games you won’t find at GameStop. [More]

The message posted in August by  Google CEO Larry Page on, the homepage of Alphabet Inc.

Google Reorganizing Itself Under New Company Called “Alphabet”

Google, probably one of the most well-known brand names in all the world, has decided to change things up today, with an announcement from CEO Larry Page that the company is going to be reorganized under the umbrella of a bigger corporation known as “Alphabet.” [More]

Groupon One-Ups Young Earth Creationism, Claims Earth Is 400 Years Old

Groupon One-Ups Young Earth Creationism, Claims Earth Is 400 Years Old

“Groupon is bad at math!” the subject line of Amber’s e-mail to Consumerist proclaimed. I expected to see a poorly-calculated coupon discount or something else related to actual deals. But the error is even weirder than that. Groupon’s Earth Day deals page trumpets that the company is celebrating the planet’s 400th birthday. They offer no explanation for where this number came from, or why it’s missing approximately seven zeroes. [More]

What Does This Captcha Say? No, Really.

What Does This Captcha Say? No, Really.

Scott came across this puzzle when trying to request some free seeds for his garden. Go ahead and try to figure it out. We’ll wait. [More]

Is This A Macy's Ad, Or A Math Test?

Is This A Macy's Ad, Or A Math Test?

We love to make fun of the asterisk-riddled coupons available at Macy*s, but reader JB sent in an ad that takes confusing sales to an entirely new level. [More]

Tide: Mystery Of Different Loads For Different Scents Solved!

Tide: Mystery Of Different Loads For Different Scents Solved!

Reader Zack was curious why three different kinds of Tide detergent on the shelf had the same price and same volume, but the label said they delivered different amounts of loads. Consumer Reports investigated, and they have the answer.

Tide: Different Loads For Different Scents?

Tide: Different Loads For Different Scents?

UPDATE: Tide: Mystery Of Different Loads For Different Scents Solved!

UPDATE: Hertz Hatin’ On The Boroughs Too

Hey, it’s not just me and Dollar Rent-A-Car that hates the Boroughs and everything their denizenship of loudmouthed bozos and doofus hipsters stands for. Hertz does too!

Dollar-Rent-a-Car Hatin’ On the Boroughs

Dan thinks Dollar-Rent-A-Car is a bigot, hating jews, minorities and filthy liberals. Otherwise, how can you explain item 1.O from their rental policy?

Consumers Confused, Angry, Relatively Literate

Consumers Confused, Angry, Relatively Literate

We received several complaints today that don’t warrant a full posting on their own. Instead, they find home here, in a little place we like to call “Inchoate Consumer Rage Disproportionate to the Complaint’s Severity.”