Microsoft Dropping Xbox One Price $50 In Advance Of Holiday Season

Group_ThreeBundles_StackB_hiresIt’s been a year since Microsoft and Sony launched their latest game consoles and the makers of the Xbox One are making a push to get their product in more homes this holiday season by dropping the price through the end of the year.

Starting on Nov. 2, the Xbox One will be available for as low as $350 at many of the nation’s largest retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, Walmart, and of course Microsoft Stores.

The $50 discount will also apply to a variety of Xbox One console/game bundles being offered during the holiday season. More info is available here.

The Xbox One originally launched at $500 but eventually got a price drop to $400 for users choosing to go without the Kinect motion/voice sensor. That made the base console the same price as Sony’s competing PS4.

No word yet on whether Sony will try to match or undercut Microsoft, or if the company feels secure that it can sell enough consoles at the $400 price point.

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