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Wendy’s Installing Self-Ordering Kiosks In 1,000 Restaurants

Don’t like having to talk to a real, live person when you want to order food? You won’t have to if you’re visiting one of 1,000 Wendy’s locations with self-ordering kiosks. [More]

DoorDash, Postmates Deploying Robot Delivery Guys On Both Coasts

DoorDash, Postmates Deploying Robot Delivery Guys On Both Coasts

If you live in Redwood City, CA, or Washington, D.C., a robot might be dropping off dinner someday soon: DoorDash and Postmates are both starting to deploy robotic delivery vehicles in those cities, respectively. [More]

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“Space Invaders,” “Oregon Trail,” & “Legend Of Zelda” Inducted Into Video Game Hall Of Fame

There are some video games you don’t have to explain to anyone, even if they were born way after those games first delighted fans. Among those are this year’s inductees into the Video Game Hall of Fame that were chosen from 15 finalists and make up the second group of games to join the list. If you’ve ever traveled digitally to Oregon or went on quests with Link, you’ll know which games we’re talking about. [More]

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IBM Watson Has A New Job Powering A Robotic Hilton Hotel Concierge

Artificial intelligence is here, and now it’s hanging out in the lobby of a Hilton Hotel as a robot concierge: IBM’s AI software Watson has been put to use powering a an electronic helper focused on hospitality. [More]

Awesome Or Annoying?: IT Help Desk Human Answering The Phone Like A Robot

Awesome Or Annoying?: IT Help Desk Human Answering The Phone Like A Robot

It can be hard work manning a help desk and fielding questions from people all day, so we can’t really blame a New York City Health Department employee who’s taken to answering the phone in a robot voice for trying to jazz up his day a little bit. Unfortunately for Mr. Roboto, a judge has suggested he be suspended from work — for the second time — for his monotonous style. [More]


Kids These Days Would Rather Play Video Games On Mobile Devices Than On PCs, Consoles

Are the days of fighting over the best video game controller over? Perhaps, says a new report: though consoles and computers used to be the most popular for gaming, smartphones and tablets now rule the roost among the younger set. [More]


From Pac-Man To Pong, Tetris To Super Mario Bros.: Video Game Hall Of Fame Welcomes Its Inaugural Class

From a white ball bouncing back and forth on a screen to a duo of plumber brothers, the history of video games has been relatively short but packed with a wide array of gaming experiences. To honor some of the first greats, the World Video Game Hall of Fame has inducted its inaugural class, including Pong and Super Mario Bros. on the list, among others. [More]


Olive Garden Adding Tablets For Ordering And Paying At All U.S. Restaurants

Because we’re all constantly staring at one screen or another, Olive Garden is giving customers the chance to skip talking to a real person when ordering and paying by adding new tablets added to all its restaurants’ tables. [More]


Nintendo Announces Plans To Make Games For Mobile Devices

Have a hankering to play Super Mario at the bus stop but don’t have the portable gaming console to satisfy that urge? Soon video games from Nintendo will make the move from consoles to mobile devices, as the company announces a partnership with an online gaming firm to develop and operate new apps. [More]

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N.Y. Museum Announces Creation Of World Video Game Hall Of Fame

Why should traditional toys have all the accolades? Not content to keep all the honors for toy soldiers and board games, the upstate New York museum that runs the National Toy Hall of Fame is adding a new attraction to its rolls with a new World Video Game Hall of Fame. [More]

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23,000 United Airlines Flight Attendants Getting An iPhone 6 Plus

Remember how fun it was to watch that Oprah’s favorite things and steam with jealousy as she announced things like, “And YOU get an iPhone 6 Plus! And YOUUUU get an iPhone 6 Plus!” while doling out expensive presents to her audience? Now just imagine her saying that 23,000 times to a crowd of United Airlines flight attendants. [More]

TSA Testing Screening Machines So You Don't Have To Deal With Agents

TSA Testing Screening Machines So You Don't Have To Deal With Agents

Who needs a person with a pen and a black light to say a boarding pass and identification passes muster? The Transportation Security Administration is testing a system that would screen those materials with a machine, instead of a visual check from an agent. [More]