Microsoft Temporarily Dropping The Price Of Xbox One To $349 Again

After cutting the price of the Xbox One $50 ahead of the holiday season, it seems Microsoft is still in the holiday spirit, as it’s offering the console for $349 again as of today.

The Xbox One outsold the PS4 when it dropped the price in November so it’s trying that tack again with a “new promotion” at the “special price” of $349.

“I want to thank all of the Xbox fans who contributed to our record-setting holiday and making 2014 such a successful year,” Phil Spencer of Xbox’s Major Nelson blog writes. “The Xbox One deals were quite popular and have inspired a new promotion starting January 16 where fans in the U.S. can buy an Xbox One for $349 at their preferred retailer.”

That language makes it likely that the price cut will just be a temporary one, and indeed, Microsoft Executive Mike Nichols said as much to Polygon, but wouldn’t say when the sale price will go away.

“Looking at just how much engagement there was over the holidays with usage of the system and the advocacy from our fans, led us to do a new promotion,” he said.

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