Some Small Cable Companies Are Dropping TV, And Customers Don’t Seem To Mind

Plenty of people have cut back on pay TV — cable and satellite — and gone to internet-only subscriptions in order to save some cash. But the individual cord-cutters aren’t the only ones realizing how expensive programming can be, and how they can live without it in the broadband era. Some small-scale cable companies are also taking the plunge, and cutting out TV service altogether.


Spoiler Alert: New Netflix Site Reveals Endings Of TV Shows & Movies

Spoiler Alert: New Netflix Site Reveals Endings Of TV Shows & Movies

Want to know who killed Laura Palmer without having to be bothered with the Log Lady or the secret romance of Big Ed and Norma? Or maybe you’re a few seasons into Lost and just can’t wait to get to what has to be a satisfying, logical conclusion that doesn’t at all backtrack on everything the show’s creator promised he wouldn’t do? Then Netflix has something to spoil your afternoon. [More]

FCC Hopes To Spare Your Ears, Tweaks Rule To Turn Down Obnoxiously Loud TV Commercials

FCC Hopes To Spare Your Ears, Tweaks Rule To Turn Down Obnoxiously Loud TV Commercials

Some things haven’t changed in 20 years: you’re watching some old movie late at night on TV, and you turn the volume up because the dialogue is so quiet. Then the ad break comes and suddenly salesmen are shouting at you so loudly you could practically hear them from space and you bang your head on the coffee table in a frantic dive for the remote. Everyone hates that — and the FCC hates it, too.


Soon You Can Use Your Xbox One To Stream Live TV To Your Phone (But Not In The U.S.)

Soon You Can Use Your Xbox One To Stream Live TV To Your Phone (But Not In The U.S.)

The Xbox One gaming console is getting a new function added to it, Microsoft announced today. As of this fall, the late-2013, next-gen, still-new gaming and media device will also function as high-tech rabbit ears for your TV.


Aereo’s Plan To Stay In Business: Okay, Fine, We’re A Cable Company Now

Aereo’s Plan To Stay In Business: Okay, Fine, We’re A Cable Company Now

Aereo lost their case in the Supreme Court last month, and had to suspend operations a few days later. In that case, the Court ruled that Aereo was actually operating just like a cable company, and so needed to license content like one. Aereo is now legally trying to do just that — but the broadcasters still object.


25 All-American Movies & TV Shows You Can Stream This 4th Of July


While we usually think of fireworks, backyard barbecues and the hot sun beaming down on red, white and blue parades around the country, this year’s 4th of July celebrations might be somewhat dampened as many parts of the country face some wet weather. Or heck, maybe it’s too hot to leave the AC. Either way, we’ve got 25 movies and TV shows you can stream to stay in the American spirit. [More]

Cable Companies Keep Adding Channels, But We’re Not Watching Any More Of Them

Pay-TV providers have added more than 50 channels since 2008, but the average household still only watches about 17 of them.

If you’re one of those TV viewers who knows exactly where on their vast channel list to find the few stations you watch regularly, or who frustratedly skims past screen after screen of channels you not only don’t watch but don’t even know the names of, you’re not alone. In fact, a new report confirms that the average TV watcher only looks at fewer than 1-in-10 of the channels that come into their homes. [More]

AT&T Throwing Its Hat In The Online Video Ring With New Venture

AT&T Throwing Its Hat In The Online Video Ring With New Venture

Times used to be, the only kids on the block offering online video services were Netflix and Hulu. But slowly, ever so slowly, the smell of money to be made has been luring competitors like Amazon and Youtube and now, AT&T. The telecommunications company announced a new $500 million deal to start its own online video venture. [More]

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FXX Planning To Air Marathon Of All 552 Episodes Of ‘The Simpsons’ This Summer

Get that vacation time on the books, vacuum out the couch cushions and lay in a stock of 11 or so days’ worth of snacks: FXX says it’s planning a marathon of all 552 episodes of The Simpsons — and it’s airing them consecutively this summer. [More]

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Calculate The Minutes, Hours And Days Of Your Life You’ve Spent Watching TV

Many of us are wrapped tightly in our TV binge-watching cocoons these days, snuggling up with an entire season of our favorite shows and slaughtering the entire thing in one go or a few dedicated sessions. But how much of your time is that actually taking up? Now you can count the minutes, days and hours you’ve devoted to the boob tube, or an electronic facsimile thereof. [More]

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Time Warner Cable Glitch During “The Walking Dead” Finale Infuriates Upstate NY Customers

Last night, the season finale of “The Walking Dead” aired on AMC. Viewers were glued to their televisions as they always are during a major television event, but something terrible happened last night. In the Syracuse, NY area, the AMC signal cut out about 38 minutes into the broadcast. [More]

TV will save us all.

Watching A Lot Of ‘House’ Comes In Handy For Doctors Trying To Solve Real Medical Mystery

Remember how they always told you TV rots your brain? Surely they (whoever “they” are, we all have our theories) would be quite shocked to hear that a healthy TV diet helped a bunch of doctors solve a medical mystery and save a patient. All thanks to the show House M.D., starring the inimitable Hugh Laurie. [More]

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FCC Wants To Let You Watch Your Home Team’s Games At Home

Sports broadcasting: it’s both lucrative and confusing.  Sometimes you can turn on the TV and watch a game that’s taking place in your own hometown, and sometimes you can’t.  When you can’t, you’re part of a broadcast blackout.


Sears Commercials Through The Decades: Jingles, Car Repair, Bruises

Sears Commercials Through The Decades: Jingles, Car Repair, Bruises

Sears: it was an iconic American retailer, and now has become more of a cautionary business tale as it struggles for relevance and tries to shed more real estate and scrap itself for parts. Many years ago, though, Sears was a central shopping experience in Americans’ lives. Americans who bought boom boxes and played “Space Invaders.” [More]

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Report: Panasonic Planning To Ditch The Plasma TV Market Next Year

If you’re thinking of buying a plasma TV from Panasonic, you might want to hop on it lickety-split: A new report says Panasonic is wiping its hands of the plasma business by March 2014. It’s all turning into a losing business prospect for the Japanese company and the TV industry in general. [More]

Your DVR Can Probably Skip Over An Ad With A Single Button Push

While many of us immediately hit the FF button on the remote control at the first indication of an ad, some folks aren’t as vigilant. But there are always those few ads that you just want to bypass when they come up (Geico camel, I’m looking at you), and your remote probably has the ability to skip that commercial with a single button push. The folks at Lifehacker have created this handy guide on setting this up for a variety of DVRs… or you could just fast-forward through the entire ad break like a sensible person. [Lifehacker]

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Morning Talk Show Hosts Will Probably Never Get Sick Of Eating McDonald’s On TV Every Day

Coffee mugs branded with your morning TV show’s logo are so… how shall we put this? Stale. Unsatisfying. The new thing to do, apparently, is open a teeny tiny McDonald’s location in the TV studio so you can feed your guests Egg McMuffins before they go on camera to chat about whatever currently interesting thing is being discussed. [More]

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Proposed Law Aims To Curb TV Blackouts, Let You Choose To Pay For Broadcast Channels

In the wake of the month-long blackout that affected 3 million CBS viewers in several major cities and Showtime subscribers nationwide, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo of California has drafted legislation that would give the Federal Communications Commission the authority to prevent blackouts, and give consumers the right to decide whether or not they want to pay for watching broadcast networks on cable. [More]