Google Chrome Browser Now Comes With Chromecast Feature Built In

Image courtesy of Krossbow

Before now, if Chromecast users wanted to send whatever was displayed on their internet browser to a TV, you’d have to have the Chromecast extension installed in Google Chrome. That’s changing now, as Google has baked the casting feature right into the newest version of Chrome.

Ars Technica UK reports that the latest build of Chrome, version 51, has a built-in Cast option, that allows users to just right-click a tab and elect “Cast” to beam their media from the internet to their TV.


You’ll still have to plug the Chromecast dongle into your television to make the whole thing work.

Google has also streamlined the delivery, which means users won’t have to tweak settings for resolution, bitrate, or quality of the cast.

Chrome 51 is rolling out to users now so if you don’t have this ability at the moment, you will soon.

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