Man Hops On A Plane To Turn Himself In On Charge Of Stealing A TV 27 Years Ago

Image courtesy of stevestein1982r

There are responsible citizens, and then there’s a guy from Florida who flew to Connecticut to voluntarily turn himself in after he received a warrant for his arrest on charges that he stole a TV in 1989.

As The Hour tells it, the 60-year-old man received a letter from Norwalk, CT police notifying him that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest older than Taylor Swift.

Back in 1989, police tracked a TV stolen from the Norwalk Jewish Center to the man, who worked as a custodian. Police issued the warrant for the man but couldn’t find him, so the warrant was never served. Until the man walked into the police station on Sunday morning, fresh off a flight from Florida.

He was arrested and charged with larceny in the third degree. He was released after promising to appear in court on April 19.

Police say they try to serve arrest warrants as soon as they’re served, but “sometimes people move,” a police lieutenant told The Hour.

“They’re nowhere to be found. This fellow ended up in Florida, so he came back and turned himself in, which is pretty cool.”

Florida man turns self in for 1989 theft [The Hour]

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