JetBlue Can’t Add More Seats To Its Planes Until It Deals With A Broken Toilet Problem

Like many airlines, JetBlue is currently trying to add more seats to some of its planes so it can accommodate more passengers per flight, and make more money for its bottom line. But there’s something standing in the way of JetBlue’s “cabin restyling program”: Broken toilets. [More]

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Mysterious Cash-Flusher In Switzerland Remains At Large

Why would someone need to dispose of a huge amount of cash — tens of thousands of euros — very quickly? That’s what authorities in Geneva, Switzerland, want to know, after finding wads of foreign cash clogging toilets at a bank and at restaurants around the city. [More]


China Hoping Big-Budget “Toilet Revolution” Will Spur Tourism

Whether a tourist destination has dazzling scenery, famed museums, ancient ruins, or just really fantastic nightlife, there’s one thing all visitors want to find in foreign lands: plenty of clean public restrooms. That’s where China’s plan for a “toilet revolution” comes in. [More]

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Company That Makes Wet Wipes Agrees Not To Call Products “Flushable” Unless It Can Prove It

After pleas from sewage workers and hearing from plumbers who say flushable wipes are actually not flushable or good for sewer systems, one company that makes wet wipes for retail partners has agreed to stop marketing its products as safe for flushing, unless it can substantiate that claim. [More]

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Kids Tasked With Dumping Alaska Village’s “Honey Buckets” Likely Psyched To Finally Get Indoor Plumbing

Aren’t chores the worst, kids? Yes, sure, taking out the trash and emptying the dishwasher are both bummer gigs, but let’s all just thank our lucky stars that we were never in charge of dumping buckets of human waste at the town receptacle. To that end, kids in one Alaska village where many homes don’t have indoor plumbing are probably pretty pumped to hear that “honey bucket” duty is almost at an end. [More]

The pile of parts man is accused of stealing from restaurants (St. Petersburg Police Department)

Cops Bust Man Accused Of Pilfering The Plumbing From Burger King, Cracker Barrel And More

You know what’s annoying? Heeding the call of nature at a restaurant, only to find that the thing that makes the toilet flush is missing, and the necessary plumbing to tote away what needs toting is gone as well. Who would want to steal pieces of toilets? Police in Florida say a man has been accused of visiting local eateries and pilfering the plumbing for his own gain. [More]

Dutch Supermarket Invites Shoppers To Pop A Squat And Try Out Different Brands Of Toilet Paper

Dutch Supermarket Invites Shoppers To Pop A Squat And Try Out Different Brands Of Toilet Paper

I know, I know — we’ve all got our favorite brand of toilet paper, the only one you want coming in contact with your precious rumps. But maybe you don’t really know what the difference feels like between different brands — because really, how often do you buy multiple kinds of TP and test them all out? More often if you live near one Dutch supermarket. [More]

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Air India Flight Forced To Turn Around After All Four Toilets Become Clogged

You know those signs in airplane lavatories that ask you to kindly not flush anything down the drain except toilet paper? Passengers on Air India planes may or may not be adhering to those polite instructions, after a plane was forced to turn around when all four of its toilets clogged. [More]

Toilet Seats: A Hot Souvenir For Tourists Visiting Japan

Toilet Seats: A Hot Souvenir For Tourists Visiting Japan

Some things seem utterly pointless until you experience them. Most people aren’t interested in an electric toilet that can pre-warm the seat and blast your nether regions with warm water. They fail to see the point…until they visit Japan, where such contraptions are common. Then, some tourists never look back. [More]

Flushmate III Toilet System Recalled Because Toilet Explosions Are Very Bad

Flushmate III Toilet System Recalled Because Toilet Explosions Are Very Bad

Words that you never want to see in close proximity to each other: “toilet,” “explosion,” and “shatter.” That’s why the Flushmate flush-assist system has been recalled, though: one of the welds in the system can break, shattering the toilet tank and posing an “impact and laceration hazards to consumers,” as the Consumer Product Safety Commission elegantly explains.  [More]

TV Reporter Drops iPhone In Toilet, Runs It Over With Car, And It Still Works

TV Reporter Drops iPhone In Toilet, Runs It Over With Car, And It Still Works

Smartphones are tiny devices filled with delicate electronics, and ought to be coddled and shielded to ensure their safety…right? As part of a story about third-party mobile phone warranties, a TV reporter in Houston trashed an iPhone by dropping it in water and running it over with a car. These things rendered it completely unusable, right? Nope. [More]


Sewage Workers’ Request: Please Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes, You’re Clogging The Pipes

Just because something is marketed as disposable or flushable, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good thing for city sewer systems. In fact, many of workers are now begging us as a nation to stop flushing disinfecting wipes or those “use these when toilet paper just isn’t enough” wipes, because they end up clogging pipes down the line. [More]


Raleigh Government: Flushable Wipes Aren’t Flushable And Clog Sewers, So Cut It Out

Sewer lines in Raleigh, N.C. keep getting clogged. What’s to blame? Aging infrastructure? Rapid population growth? Massive sale on prunes at a local grocery chain? Well, not really: officials say that the latest clog, and a few previous ones, are allegedly due to huge wads of non-flushable paper in the pipes. They point specifically at non-flushable “flushable” wipes marketed for cleaning home surfaces and people. [More]


How Many Poop-Like Objects Does This Toilet Commercial Need To Flush Before We Get The Idea Already?

How many different things can you flush down a toilet that sort of act and behave like feces in water, but are not, in fact, poop? That seemed to be the challenge set before the people in charge of creating this video to promote American Standard’s H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet. [More]

An Important Lesson In Bathroom Etiquette

An Important Lesson In Bathroom Etiquette

When you flush your business down the toilet, it’s not a good idea to watch it swirl into oblivion. Researchers say that if you neglect to close the lid before you flush, you’re unleashing countless particles of waste into the air. [More]

Government Worker Injured In Toilet Explosion

Government Worker Injured In Toilet Explosion

We’re at our most vulnerable when we’re taking care of business in the bathroom. But the feeling of safety provided by a closed stall can sometimes be false. A woman who works at the General Services Administration Building in Washington, D.C. suffered the sum of all fears when her toilet exploded on her, sending her to the hospital with serious injuries. [More]

This Is A $6,000 Toilet

This Is A $6,000 Toilet

If you have six thousand dollars to spend, there are a lot of things that you can do with it. You could buy a used car. You could furnish your living room. You could even buy six thousand Taco Bell bean burritos. Or you could go for the ultimate in luxury for your rear end and buy the $6,390 Numi from Kohler, which features handsfree operation, a built-in bidet, and speakers for your MP3 player. [More]

Fix Your Toilet With Aluminum Foil

Fix Your Toilet With Aluminum Foil

The guy who writes Debt Sucks Blog and I had something in common. Both our toilets were broken for several weeks, and both of us are too frugal/stingy and busy/lazy to get out to a store and buy some replacement innards. [More]