Maybe The Most Depressing Amazon Listing Ever (Unless You’re In The Market For A Crack Pipe)

roseinglassPeople employ all manner of odd devices in the smoking of illegal drugs like crack and crystal meth, but there’s something particularly heartbreaking about realizing that people are using these novelty “love roses” as an affordable way to ruin their lives.

Over the weekend on Reddit, someone posted a Today I Learned item after realizing that these made in China gas station counter staples were being used for the smoking of crack, which ultimately led us to find a 36-count box of the roses for sale on Amazon for only $8.79.

And if there were any doubt that price-conscious crack-smokers are purchasing these items online, one need only look at the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” list (click either of the below images to enlarge):

Chore Boy copper scrubbing pads, tube cutters, butane lighters, tiny zip lock bags… sigh. These are not items that one purchases to care for and protect the novelty glass-encased rose a tipsy significant other picked up at the gas station on his/her way from a late night out with the co-workers.

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