A Single Camera Charger Shipped On A Pallet Looks Ridiculous

pallet_gangWhen a single charger box arrived at a camera store strapped to a wooden pallet, it caused one employee to take a video of the unboxing, then post it to Reddit with the question: “How is DHL still in business?” Yet this international edition of the Stupid Shipping Gang isn’t DHL’s fault. It’s how such items have to be shipped across borders.

“I work at a camera store, every day we get deliveries from all over and more often than not things are way over done on the shipping side, like getting a single lens cap in a box big enough for a microwave, etc,” writes the Redditor who posted this video. Yes, we certainly know how that goes. “But today DHL truly outdid themselves when they sent us a single charger for one of the small point and shoot cameras, in a huge box, on the middle of a pallet, with a sticker on it expressly forbidding people from taking the box off the pallet.”

Following instructions, no one took the box off the pallet. This is what that unboxing looked like:

This wasn’t DHL’s fault, though. The comical over-packaging is a standard practice when shipping orders internationally, though usually they’re removed from the pallet before reaching the customer. Usually.

How is DHL still in business? [Reddit]

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