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Tony Webster

Deutsche Bank Halts North Carolina Job Expansion Plans Over Anti-LGBT Law

Following in the footsteps of PayPal, Deutsche Bank has announced it’s canceled plans to bring 250 jobs to North Carolina because of the state’s recently enacted law that restricts cities’ ability to offer protections based on sexual preference or gender identification. [More]

Michael Daddino

Facebook, Reddit, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America CEOs Among Those Urging North Carolina To Repeal New Anti-LGBT Law

Earlier this month, in a hurried legislative process, North Carolina lawmakers passed HB2, a bill that overrides and prevents local governments from establishing anti-discrimination rules against gay and transgender people. This morning, advocacy groups delivered a letter to NC Gov. Pat McCrory signed by top executives from more than 100 companies, all calling for the state to repeal the law. [More]


Tesla Asks Drivers To Please Stop Souping Up Their Cars

Sometimes the factory radio just doesn’t cut it in your new vehicle. While swapping out the sound system, and other features – rims, seat covers, tires – is an established way for consumers to put their personal stamp on cars, one automaker is asking them not to, because, you know, it could pose a safety risk, which isn’t good for business. [More]


Dueling Ice Cream Vendors Resort To Violence

Summer is almost over, but ice cream turf wars are heating up. Heating up? Did I really just say that? Anyway, when two trucks tried to sell frozen treats in the same area of midtown Manhattan, things got ugly. Even though one was selling frozen yogurt and the other ice cream. [More]

Don't Nail Perkin's Waitresses, Lose Golf Skill And Expect Your Video Game To Sell

Don't Nail Perkin's Waitresses, Lose Golf Skill And Expect Your Video Game To Sell

Tiger Woods is not Tommy Vercetti, and thus his whoring and reckless driving escapades do not translate to video game sales. [More]