A Simple Tip That All Pizza Delivery Drivers Should Heed To Avoid Messes Like This

Have you ever had a pizza delivered that looked like the box had been tilted at a 45-degree angle the entire ride, causing the cheese and all the toppings to slide off to one side? It’s probably due to the pizza being piping hot and the angle of the driver’s car seat. But there are some simple ways for a delivery driver to level out his or her pizza parcels.

In response to a Reddit post about the Papa John’s delivery in the above photo (which appears to be a Cinnapie and not a traditional pizza), one reader offers this easy suggestion:

As a former pizza delivery guy, I can confirm that toppings falling off a pizza is pretty common if the pizza isn’t allowed to sit for atleast a minute or two before put into the car. Whether the pizza is in an insulated bag or not, 90% of the time it’s put on a car seat, which is slanted so all that cheese just slippery slides the fuck right off that pizza bitch. That’s why I used to put a bottle in the nook of the seat, under the pizza, to keep the boxes level.

Meanwhile, a second reader who claims to manage a pizzeria in Buffalo says his drivers use a piece of 2×4 lumber to prop up the pizza boxes and prevent the unwanted sloshing around that can occur.

Either way, the idea is the same — just keep something small and inexpensive in your car so you can make up for the slope of the seat. It can be a crushed bottle, a block of wood, an old towel, get creative!

An even more basic tip — one so basic that it shouldn’t need to be mentioned — don’t carry the pizza box vertically, because this will happen:

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