Tip Your Pizza Hut Driver Or He Might Pee On Your Door

An Iowa Pizza Hut delivery driver is without a job today because he decided that the best way to vent is anger about being stiffed on a tip was to urinate on the customer’s door. [More]

Ancient coupons of doom

Pizza Hut Manager Has Good Sense Of Humor, Honors 20-Year-Old Coupon

What starts as a silly prank to see what happens when a grown man in American flag pants walks into a Pizza Hut with a sealed VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles containing a $20 coupon booklet for the eatery quickly turns into a good deal for the pranksters. [More]

Not a good idea.

Pizza Hut Realizes That Offering People Money To Ask Presidential Candidates About Favorite Pizza Topping Is Remarkably Stupid Idea

At this week’s town hall-style Presidential debate, at least one of the questions asked by an audience member will be superfluous and about a topic many people deem unimportant. Luckily, no one will be taking Pizza Hut up on its request to ask the candidates whether they prefer pepperoni or sausage, after the restaurant chain realized that might be just a remarkably dumb idea. [More]

Give Me A Large Hawaiian Stuffed Crust With Anchovies and Cockroaches

Give Me A Large Hawaiian Stuffed Crust With Anchovies and Cockroaches

The best thing that one can say about this story — in which a pizza gourmand found a cockroach cooked into the cheese of his Pizza Hut pizza pie — is that Pizza Hut found the topping completely unacceptable. Domino’s, on the other hand, would have simply initiated a marketing push to define the topping as the unique ingredient of a new California style pizza.