Pizza Hut Delivers Too-Small Pizza Missing 4 Toppings, Shrugs

WC ordered a large and very delicious pizza from Pizza Hut. It was a huge Panormous pizza with four toppings. The pizza arrived with one of the toppings, no mozzarella cheese, and in a much smaller size. Well, no problem: a case like that means that he’ll get a refund, a free replacement pizza, or maybe even both. Right?

Nope. The local franchise just sort of shrugged. WC laid it out for us:

Ordered: 1x Panormous (Big rectangle shaped pizza) w/ Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, parmesan

Received: 1x Medium with… sauce and parmesan.

Called them, was told “We’re too busy to bring another tonight, call tomorrow”

On the morrow: “You should have called last night.”

Called customer service. “We’ll make this right, let us get into contact with the manager”

Manager calls, leaves voicemail, “Uh, sorry”

Ahh yes, chain pizza.

This kind of confusion could almost make sense on, say, Super Bowl Sunday night, but that wasn’t it. The advantage of chain pizza, of course, is that you have the option to call corporate. At a locally owned place, there’s no one above the owner’s head to complain to. Did WC contact corporate, we asked? Yes.

Corporate keeps telling me to fill out a contact form to notify the local franchise which doesn’t really care.

I’m not even mad. I just wanted to point out how asinine the whole thing is to invest so much
into social media, customer care, etc only to either pass the buck or to have a local franchise derail the whole process. It makes me think they have so little control over what actually happens within their brand.

That’s true. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on ads: if a local franchise happens to be run by a jerk,

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