KFC Apologizes For Workers Who Said Scarred Girl Was Scaring Customers

KFC Apologizes For Workers Who Said Scarred Girl Was Scaring Customers

Wow, this weekend was full of big companies apologizing to traumatized girls. First came the JetBlue incident with the youngster barred from using the bathroom, now comes a “Sorry about that” from KFC, which is having to do damage control after the family of a little girl in Mississippi claimed they were told to leave the restaurant because their daughter’s facial scars were scaring other customers. [More]

Stories You Might Have Missed Because You Were Too Busy Being Awesome

We post a lot of stories during the week, and we know that most of you have jobs, families, lives, hobbies, nagging itches and other more important things to do than read every single thing we write. So for those who might be playing catch-up on the weekend, here are some of the things you might have missed… [More]

It’s Baaaaaaack: KFC Is Resurrecting The Double Down

It’s Baaaaaaack: KFC Is Resurrecting The Double Down

It’s been a long four years since we first met the KFC Double Down. And while many fast food frankensandwiches have since sought to bottle that starshine and bring it to their own offerings, nothing we’ve seen since has captured the country’s interest quite like that bacon and cheese sandwich with fried chicken “buns.” And now it’s reportedly coming back to delight/disgust the nation yet again. [More]

KFC Peddling Drumstick Corsages Because High School Dances Aren’t Weird Enough Already

KFC Peddling Drumstick Corsages Because High School Dances Aren’t Weird Enough Already

As if it’s not hard enough to be a teenager dressed to the nines in a formal outfit that probably cost too much and won’t change your life in the way you’ve always dreamed of, in a room filled with other teenagers awkwardly swaying/pawing at each other, why not strap fried chicken to your arm and just call it a night? To wit: KFC is peddling customizable chicken drumstick corsages for those discerning promgoers looking to go that extra weird mile. [More]

Silly Americans, Super Chix isn't for you.

Yum! To America: Pay No Attention To Our New Chicken Restaurant, It’s Not For You

On the one hand, it’s kind of odd that Yum! Brands, parent corporation to one chicken establishment already with KFC, quietly opened up a new chicken shop in Arlington, Texas with little to no ado. On the other hand, the company says it pulled the sneak-opening of Super Chix because it’s not like you’ll be able to eat there elsewhere in the country anytime soon, if ever. [More]

KFC Big Boss Is A Big Mac Clone With Two Giant Chicken Filets

KFC Big Boss Is A Big Mac Clone With Two Giant Chicken Filets

Okay, double-decker burgers are nothing new. Chicken patty sandwiches are nothing new either. Big Mac clones are nothing new. Heck, even wacky fast food genre-bending creations from KFC are nothing new. Yet we’re fascinated with this new offering from KFC, the Big Boss. It’s exactly like the Big Mac, but with fried chicken filets instead of beef burgers. Unfortunately, you can only get it in Canada. [More]

Former Pizza Hut And KFC Buildings Never Escape Their Roots

Former Pizza Hut And KFC Buildings Never Escape Their Roots

If this great nation has a massive supply of anything, it’s abandoned chain restaurant buildings. Fortunately, ingenious business owners find new uses for them, turning fast-food joints into ethnic restaurants and … well, pretty much anything with four walls into a payday loan place or a pawn shop.


Introducing The Gooder Version Of The KFC Go Cup: The Wheel Meat

Introducing The Gooder Version Of The KFC Go Cup: The Wheel Meat

KFC’s recently launched Go Cup, which combines the thrill of eating fried foods with the exhilaration of being stuck in traffic on the way home, is just the latest from the attention-seeking food-marketers at Yum! Brands who brought you the Double Down, the Doritos tacos, and cheese on donuts. But Stephen Colbert thinks KFC could still make it even more convenient to clog your arteries while clogging the intersection. [More]

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Study: Low-Paid Fast-Food Employees Cost Taxpayers $3.8 Billion A Year

As McDonald’s own suggested employee budgets indicate, it’s not easy to support yourself or a family on just a job behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant. And a new study claims that the 52% of non-management fast-food workers who take home some sort of federal subsidy are costing taxpayers around $4 billion a year. [More]

We see how this works -- cups go in the cupholders!

Until this moment, eating in the car has been a complete and total disaster: Where do you put the food? Why is there no table? How is a reasonable person supposed to feel confident operating heavy machinery and munching without solutions to these problems?!? Luckily, KFC has found a way to quiet the masses clamoring to be free of all fetters whilst dining en vehicle: Snack containers that fit in your cup holder. [More]

KFC Philippines Throws ‘Cheezy Bacon Fest,’ Excuse To Slather Cheese And Bacon On Everything

Other than desserts and soft drinks, there are very few things on a fast-food menu that you can’t improve by slathering them with cheese and bacon. (Maybe even desserts and soft drinks. We’d give it a try.) That’s the impeccable logic behind the Cheezy Bacon Fest promotion now going on at KFC Philippines. [More]

It's soup, it's fried, it's fried soup.

KFC Japan Decides To Sell Deep-Fried Soup Because Why Not?

It’s almost not even news anymore when a fast food restaurant decides to look around the kitchen and see what else can be tossed into the deep fryer. As long as it’s something edible, someone will want to eat it — and no substance is off-limits. For example: soup. You might think it’s just meant to be slurped, spooned or sipped, but because it is a food, someone was bound to fry it. Hello, KFC Japan. [More]

Some KFC Japan Combo Meals Now Come With Mini Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker

Some KFC Japan Combo Meals Now Come With Mini Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker

Maybe this wonderful product won’t launch here in the United States just yet because more ice cream is the last thing we need. Over in Japan, though, KFC combo meal diners can get their fried chicken dinners with a side of “I make my own ice cream at home.” [More]


Family Not Terribly Freaked Out When 7-Foot-Tall KFC Bucket Ends Up In Front Yard

Most people don’t like pulling up to their houses and seeing fast food refuse sitting in the grass. But what about when that tossed-off trash is actually a mammoth bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken? [More]


Report: Ice Cubes At Beijing KFC Have 13 Times The Bacteria Of Toilet Water

Customers at KFC restaurants in China might be ready to go with iceless drinks, after a new report found that the cubes at Beijing locations are apparently filled with 13 times more bacteria than toilet water. Other fast food outlets also underwent testing, including McDonald’s and a Chinese chain, but KFC had the worst results of the bunch. [More]


Upmarket KFC Has No Need For Plebeian Chicken With Bones, Nor That Colonel Fellow

As we first mentioned earlier this summer, a new upmarket KFC is throwing the baby out with the bone water, and by baby of course we mean the image of Colonel Sanders and chicken bones. The chain is set to open a new “KFC eleven” (lowercase theirs) early next month near the company headquarters in Lousiville, KY. It’s gonna be fancier, see? [More]


KFC Tries To Change Its Greasy Image With Test Of New Fast-Casual “KFC 11” Format

KFC tried to appeal to the EXTREME!!! crowd a few years back with the Double Down, the bacon sandwich with a fried chicken bun, but it didn’t do much to help the fast food chain’s bottom line. So now KFC is considering going slightly more upscale, getting ready to test out a new fast-casual format dubbed “KFC 11.” [More]


China Investigating Yum Brands Because If The Meat Label Says Mutton, It Should Be Mutton

UPDATE: Yum says its Little Sheep hotpot restaurants in China aren’t part of the tainted mutton scandal. A spokeswoman says in part: “There is no evidence, none whatsoever, of any adulterated product anywhere in our system.” That being said, the company is going to make extra sure of that, out of an “abundance of caution.” [More]