Stories You Might Have Missed Because You Were Too Busy Being Awesome

weekinreview4We post a lot of stories during the week, and we know that most of you have jobs, families, lives, hobbies, nagging itches and other more important things to do than read every single thing we write. So for those who might be playing catch-up on the weekend, here are some of the things you might have missed…

General Mills’ New Policy: If You Engage With Us Online, You Can Never Sue The Company

Verizon Brings Fake Grassroots Campaign To New Jersey To Claim Support For Not Bringing Real Broadband

It’s Baaaaaaack: KFC Is Resurrecting The Double Down

Court Rules That Companies Can’t Litigate In Secret Just To Protect Reputation

Comcast-TWC Merger Could Bring Broadband Data Caps To Pretty Much Everyone

Despite Hiring Local Area Sales Rep, Google Still Not Bringing Fiber To NYC Anytime Soon

National Animal Cracker Day & 15 Other Food “Holidays” That Have No Need To Exist

Why Won’t Those Jerks At Sprint Unlock My iPhone? They Can’t

15 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Disability Insurance

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