Consumerists' Hands-On Taste Test With The KFC Double Down

It’s April 12, 2010. For those unaware, this date will be remembered in the annals of fast food and coronary surgery as the day that KFC unleashed its Double Down — once more, that’s the bacon-n-cheese sandwich that uses two pieces of fried chicken for bread — and Consumerist was there to do some tastin’.

Joined by fellow Consumerista Meghann Marco, I traveled north of NYC to Consumer Reports’ headquarters in Yonkers. CR is in the process of doing a proper, scientific taste test (more on that later) of the Double Down, but they were happy to let me and Megh tag along to do our own, utterly unscientific sampling.

IMG_2734.JPG My reactions — The Double Down is not for those who fear the following: salt, pepper, salt, greasy fingers, salt, salt and salt. Luckily, I kinda like salt. I ate the whole sandwich and barely noticed the bacon because the chicken was so overloaded with sodium. That being said, I wouldn’t shy away from having one of these again if I’m in the hunt for a fried chicken fix.

In terms of value, It’s a filling sandwich, so the $4.99 price tag didn’t seem exorbitant, though I can imagine a lot of people not finishing the sandwich, even if they enjoy the taste.

Megh’s reaction — She didn’t have much to say, as she wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to sample the Double Down. Her facial reaction pretty much sums it up:

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