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Evanger’s Expands Recall Of Dog Food That Could Contain Euthanasia Drugs

Earlier this year, products from high-end dog food brands Evanger’s and Against the Grain were recalled earlier this year for a surprising reason: Cans from that batch were found to be contaminated with pentobarbital, a drug used for euthanasia mostly of dogs, cats, and horses. The source of the drug still hasn’t been discovered, and now Evanger’s has quietly added another variety of dog food to the recall. [More]

Yes You Can Milk A Reindeer: 9 Dairy Animals That Don’t Say “Moo”

Yes You Can Milk A Reindeer: 9 Dairy Animals That Don’t Say “Moo”

We’re all familiar with cow’s milk in its many possible forms: in your coffee, on your cheese sandwich, in a sundae, and of course as the butter sculptor’s medium of choice. And most of us have dabbled at various times in goat’s or sheep’s milk and cheese while out to eat or strolling down the “fancy” aisle of the supermarket, but these few farm animals are just some of many mammals whose milk can be enjoyed, or at least tolerated. [More]


Texas Man Rides His Horse Into A Taco Bell Because His Friends Told Him To

What’s a cowboy to do after a long day at a calf-roping competition? For one Texan, tradition dictates going to Taco Bell for a post-event meal. But this time, he decided to trot his trusty steed right into the restaurant, much to the delight of his fellow customers. [More]


NYC’s Proposed Plan To Rein In Horse-Drawn Carriages Falls Apart Before Vote

A deal that would have limited New York City’s horse-drawn carriages to Central Park and cut down how many were allowed to operate was thisclose to becoming reality tomorrow, only to fall apart before the City Council could vote on it. [More]


NYC Tourists Will Still Be Able To Hail A Horse-Drawn Carriage In Central Park After City Reaches Deal

Tourists visiting the Big Apple will be tooling around Central Park in horse-drawn carriages for years to come, after New York City officials reached a deal that allows some carriage operators to stick around, and will mean a new stable for the four-legged workers. [More]

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Stolen Horse Does Not Make A Good Getaway Vehicle For Drunken Shoplifter

I have vague memories of old Hollywood westerns and TV shows where bandanna-masked bank robbers would escape on the back of stolen horses. But in today’s decidedly non-equine culture, a shoplifter is probably going to stand out when she ties up a pilfered horse outside the store. [More]


Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Stops Horse Slaughterhouses From Reopening

It seems like only last week that two plants were gearing up to reopen their slaughterhouses to horses, and here they are with those plans on hold again. That’s because it was only last week that a judge ruled they could open again, but yesterday a federal appeals court put the kibosh on that. [More]


Horse Slaughterhouses Could Resume Operations This Week

After a federal judge gave the okay late last week for horse slaughter to start up again in the United States, slaughterhouses could resume operations as soon as well, right now. A U.S. District judge based in Albuquerque dismissed a lawsuit brought by animal welfare groups that didn’t want horse slaughter to be legal in this country and also denied a permanent injunction that would’ve kept a company from reopening its slaughterhouse.


Woman Has No Choice But To Arrive At The DMV On A Horse To Get Her License Back

When you need to get where you’re going but can’t drive, it’s awfully handy to own a horse. A Virginia woman who had her driver’s license suspended during a paperwork mix-up decided to take matters (and the reins) into her own hands when she hopped atop her trusty steed and rode straight to the DMV to hand over her proof of insurance. Other non-car methods: Hoverboards, roller skates or hopping on the back of a trolley. [Associated Press] [More]

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You Can Lead A Horse To The McDonald’s Drive-Thru But You Might Not Get Anything To Drink

While it’s your choice what mode of transportation you want to gallivant around town in, it seems the powers that be at McDonald’s don’t exactly consider a horse an appropriate vehicle for the drive-thru. Police in Manchester, England say a woman riding through was peeved to find out she couldn’t order on the go from atop her beast of burden. [More]


Federal Legislation Would Ban Export Of Horses For Slaughter, Protect Public From “Toxic Meat”

While U.S. consumers have been sitting fairly pretty over here during Europe’s horsemeat scare, the hullabaloo has served to stir up some action stateside as well. New federal legislation is seeking to ban the export of American horses for slaughter, reinstate a ban on slaughtering them here and also protect the public from eating “toxic” horsemeat. [More]


Tiny Bell-Ringing Horse Increases Salvation Army Donations Tenfold

You know what people love? Animals. If you’re looking to collect donations for charity, consider deploying a small, cute animal to attract attention and piles of cash. That’s what the Salvation Army in Wisconsin has done with Tinker the miniature horse. The bell-ringing equine attracts massive crowds, sells buttons with his photo on them, and can rake in $2,500 at a location that would normally collect $250 during a horse-free period. [More]

Economy: Used Car Dealer Becomes Used Horse Dealer Too

Economy: Used Car Dealer Becomes Used Horse Dealer Too

With the economy in the dumps, used car dealers are having to get creative with the trade-ins. There’s long been used car dealers advertising they’ll take any trade that’s “push, pulled, or dragged.” One dealership is adding trots to that phrase, as they’re now accepting horses. [More]

Horses Pull Tanker Out Of Snow In Pennsylvania

Horses Pull Tanker Out Of Snow In Pennsylvania

Luckily for the driver of a tanker stuck in the snow in Pennsylvania, an Amish man driving a team of horses happened by and offered the vehicle a tow. [More]

Treat Your Pet's Arthritis With Lead

Treat Your Pet's Arthritis With Lead

People love their pets and want the best for them. That includes medical treatment, and loving, well-meaning pet owners buy over-the-counter supplements for their critters’ aching joints. Unfortunately, nutritional supplements for humans don’t get a lot of scrutiny, and those intended for pets get even less. A study by discovered that arthritis supplements for dogs, cats, and horses not only didn’t contain the quantity of active ingredients promised, but also contained…other things.

These Toy Horses Are Also Educational

These Toy Horses Are Also Educational

Ali writes, “I was at the Borders in Elk Grove, CA with my cousin when I noticed these toys in the section with iPod accessories and various other objects. The funny thing is, all the other packages behind it were exactly the same.” Now you can learn about nature, and maybe pick up some new sexual slang, while you play horse farm!


UPS’ horse, Big Brown, failed this afternoon to deliver a much-anticipated Triple Crown victory. Maybe he’ll try again tomorrow from 2pm-5pm. [AP/Chicago Sun Times]