Stolen Horse Does Not Make A Good Getaway Vehicle For Drunken Shoplifter

I have vague memories of old Hollywood westerns and TV shows where bandanna-masked bank robbers would escape on the back of stolen horses. But in today’s decidedly non-equine culture, a shoplifter is probably going to stand out when she ties up a pilfered horse outside the store. reports that police in DeKalb County, Alabama showed up to deal with an intoxicated woman believed to have stolen some items, only to find that she’d ridden a horse to the store.

What’s more, the horse had apparently been stolen earlier in the day by the woman.

Police found stolen items on the woman and some beer in a shopping bag on the horse.

Authorities returned the horse to its owner, who didn’t press charges, but the police weren’t as forgiving, charging the woman with public intoxication and possession of a prohibited beverage. More charges related to the apparent shoplifting could be filed.

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