Economy: Used Car Dealer Becomes Used Horse Dealer Too

With the economy in the dumps, used car dealers are having to get creative with the trade-ins. There’s long been used car dealers advertising they’ll take any trade that’s “push, pulled, or dragged.” One dealership is adding trots to that phrase, as they’re now accepting horses.

WTOG reports that recently a woman entered the dealership who was in search of large used van for her family. However, the only thing she had to her name that might be worth anything in a trade was a horse. The dealership, happy to make a sale, accepted the horse. The family has a van, and the horse, thankfully, was not taken to the kill pen, which is what GitEmSteveDave calls an “equine scrap yard.” The horse has new owners and a nice farm that it hangs out on and nibbles grass at.

The dealership has also accepted other unusual trades recently as well. In place of cash, they’ve taken a mobile home, autographed sports memorabilia, artwork, and jewelry. I wonder what kind of car I get for this bucket full of broken dreams.

Used Car Dealer Becomes a Horse Trader [WTOG]

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