Costco, along with Rite Aid, Tesco's and Sam's Club, have suspended their photo center websites after a third-party vendor announced it was investigating a possible data breach.

Costco, Three Other Retailers Suspend Photo Sites After Third-Party Host Suffers Possible Breach

Less than a week after CVS took down its site while it investigates a possible credit card breach, at least four other retailers including Costco and Sam’s Club have suspended online photo services following notification by the company that manages or hosts photo services for the sites of a possible data breach. [More]

The notice currently on the CVS Photo website.

CVS Takes CVSPhoto Site Down After Possible Credit Card Data Breach

If you’ve used your credit or debit card to purchase photo prints through CVSPhoto, you might want to pay attention. The drugstore chain has taken down while it investigates a possible credit card data breach. [More]

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CVS Buying Target’s Pharmacy Business For $1.9 Billion

If you’re a Target shopper who picks up your prescription refills at the same time you get your groceries, towels, toilet paper, and whatever else you buy at the big-box retailer, your Target’s in-store pharmacy could soon be run by CVS. [More]


Former CVS Workers Claim They Were Told To Watch Minority Shoppers In Some NYC Stores

Four former CVS workers have filed a federal lawsuit against the company alleging that their supervisors ordered them to keep an eye on minority shoppers in some New York City stores, even when there was no indication that those targeted customers might steal. [More]

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CVS Buys Nursing Home Pharmacy Chain, Drug Provider OmniCare For $12.7B

CVS plans to spend $12.7 billion to buy pharmacy-service provider Omnicare Inc. in order to gain a larger foothold in the quickly expanding long-term care industry and specialty pharmacy market. [More]

CVS Feels Pain Of $22 Million Penalty For Florida Painkiller Pill Mills

CVS Feels Pain Of $22 Million Penalty For Florida Painkiller Pill Mills

When you think of Florida and the Drug Enforcement Administration, your head might be filled with images of cocaine-packed speedboats or propeller planes sneaking in pallets of marijuana. But in recent years, the DEA has also been focused on major drugstore chains that looked the other way as stores filled massive numbers of questionable painkiller prescriptions. Nearly three years after shutting down a pair of CVS pharmacies in the Orlando area, the company has agreed to pay $22 million to put the matter behind them. [More]

The Bausch + Lomb product on the left actually contains the eye health formula detailed in the NIH studies. The CVS product on the right mentions the formula, but lacks many of the essential components.

Lawsuit Against CVS Claims Label On Advanced Eye Health Supplement Is Misleading

Often when you see a drugstore-brand version of a brand-name product, it’s essentially the same thing just less expensive and with less-flashy packaging. But a new lawsuit alleges that CVS is not only trying to mislead shoppers by comparing its Advanced Eye Health supplement to products with different ingredients, but that the lack of those components make the CVS supplement less effective. [More]

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CVS Customer Accused Of Taking Naked Nap On Dog Beds In Store’s Bathroom

There are unwanted guests, and then there are customers who overstay their welcome and get a bit too comfortable in their own skin. A CVS customer in Florida falls into the second category after cops say he stripped down naked and dragged some dog beds into the store’s bathroom, where he proceeded to take a nap atop his new resting place. [More]


Woman Waits More Than An Hour To Be Rescued From Locked CVS, Still Pays For Vitamins

What would you do if you were stuck inside a closed store for an hour and a half with a waning smartphone battery and nothing to do while you wait to be rescued? While some of us would surely finally live out some kind of supermarket sweep fantasy, one woman marooned in a closed CVS behaved herself, taking a selfie and still paying for her gummy vitamins at the end of the ordeal. [More]


Why Did CVS & Rite-Aid Stop Taking Apple Pay?

After nearly a week of accepting payment via the recently launched Apple Pay system, both CVS and Rite-Aid suddenly stopped offering this option to shoppers over the weekend. And neither retailer is giving a reason why, though it appears to be part of a retail-industry effort to eventually roll out its own payment system. [More]

Four California counties alleged that the packaging of CVS products like this anti-wrinkle cream misled shoppers into thinking they were getting much more than what was inside.

CVS To Pay $225K For Misleading Packaging On Store-Brand Products

Isn’t it great when you buy a box that looks like it contains a large jar of face cream only to find out that what’s inside is much smaller than you’d expected? Drugstore megachain CVS recently agreed to pay $225,000 to settle allegations in California that it tweaked its packaging on nearly a dozen store-brand products to trick customers into thinking they were getting more than they really were. [More]

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CVS Collects Erroneous Birth Control Copays, Will Issue Refunds

Pharmacy chain CVS charged about 11,000 customers who have health insurance small copays when they picked up some recent prescriptions. What’s wrong with that? Those prescriptions were for generic contraceptive pills, which should be dispensed with no copay at all under the federal Affordable Care Act. Now those customers are due a refund. [More]

Hallmark’s Ornaments Christmas Creep Up On CVS

Hallmark’s Ornaments Christmas Creep Up On CVS

In our years of posting about the retail menace that is Christmas Creep, we have developed a list of situations that are not eligible to be declared Christmas Creep. For example, craft stores know that you’re starting your Christmas crochet projects in mid-August, and Hallmark always introduces its Christmas ornaments in July. Yet Hallmark has taken its ornament collection to CVS, and reader Victoria is not pleased. [More]

CVS Gives Out Free Cigarette Packs Stuffed With Help For Quitting

CVS Gives Out Free Cigarette Packs Stuffed With Help For Quitting

You can’t buy tobacco products anymore at the newly-renamed CVS Health, but you can get the cashier to give you a free pack. While the little red box is shaped like a cigarette pack, that isn’t what’s inside. These packs are available for free, and have coupons and materials inside meant to inspire customers to quit smoking. [More]


CVS Yanks Tobacco Products From Its Shelves A Month Earlier Than Planned

Earlier this year, CVS Caremark announced it would stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in its drugstores across the country by October 1. It’s not October yet, but CVS has decided to pull those items early. As in, today. And it’s got another change in the pipeline, too — its new corporate name is CVS Health. [More]

Marketers Think It’s Time To Prepare Your Batches Of Halloween Cards

Marketers Think It’s Time To Prepare Your Batches Of Halloween Cards

How early is “too early” for a store Halloween display? It used to be that seeing Halloween candy and merchandise on the shelves in July shocked us, but it no longer does. Are retailers wearing us down? Will they begin to stock costumes and pumpkin spice flavored foods even earlier, pairing Fourth of July and Halloween items as Halloween and Christmas are inevitably paired now? [More]

Even Millionaires Can’t Urinate On The Candy At CVS

Even Millionaires Can’t Urinate On The Candy At CVS

Even if you’re a wealthy real estate heir who has previously been acquitted of murder charges, you will probably get arrested if you decide to expose your private parts to CVS employees… and then use said private parts to urinate on the store property and products. [More]

Man Sues CVS Claiming Prescription Mix-Up Made Him Go Blind In One Eye

Man Sues CVS Claiming Prescription Mix-Up Made Him Go Blind In One Eye

Taking the wrong prescription can have devastating consequences. Just ask a Houston man who alleges a mistake at the pharmacy counter made him blind in one eye. [More]