CVS Gives Out Free Cigarette Packs Stuffed With Help For Quitting

You can’t buy tobacco products anymore at the newly-renamed CVS Health, but you can get the cashier to give you a free pack. While the little red box is shaped like a cigarette pack, that isn’t what’s inside. These packs are available for free, and have coupons and materials inside meant to inspire customers to quit smoking.

Reader Randy reorts that cashiers at his local CVS were putting these statements inside customers’ bags.


Behind the counter, cashiers had these free packs, whcih reportedly have at least one generous (CVS-only, of course) coupon for smoking-cessation aids.


What caught Randy’s eye was this warning on the outside of the pack:


CVS pharmacies had originally planned to stop selling tobacco products on October 1, but instead emptied the shelves at the beginning of this month. The chain used to make about $2 billion per year from selling tobacco products, but lawmakers nationwide have been making the case that stores shouldn’t sell smokes alongside medicine.

CVS Yanks Tobacco Products From Its Shelves A Month Earlier Than Planned

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