Even Millionaires Can’t Urinate On The Candy At CVS

Even if you’re a wealthy real estate heir who has previously been acquitted of murder charges, you will probably get arrested if you decide to expose your private parts to CVS employees… and then use said private parts to urinate on the store property and products.

ABC 13 in Houston reports that police arrested millionaire Robert Durst on Sunday at a local drugstore after getting into an altercation with employees. The situation allegedly escalated to the point where Durst exposed himself and did about $100 worth of damage-by-urination to the store’s candy supply. KHOU-TV later wrote that the store in question was a CVS.

“I have been notified Mr. Durst was arrested for a Class B Misdemeanor and is in the bonding process,” his attorney told ABC. “He will go through the process like any other citizen of Harris County. We will deal with the case on its merits once he is released from jail.”

In 2001, Durst was charged with the murder of a neighbor whose dismembered body was found in Galveston Bay. He was later acquitted of the charges by a jury.

[via Chron.com]

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