Comfort Food Crime Wave Hits Truckload Of Cognac In Baltimore

shippingThe global crime wave against tasty comfort foods continues unabated. It all began with maple syrup in Québec and Maine to Nutella in Germany, soup in Florida, hamburgers in New Jersey, and candy in Illinois. Now an entire truckload of a different kind of comforting food has been stolen: a cargo container with about $500,000 worth of Hennessy cognac.

This was a theft by the truckload, like some of the earlier comfort food thefts. Police say that the booze bandits acquired a truck and brought it to a local shipping company. They backed it right up to a trailer with a cargo container on it…a cargo container that happened to be full of cognac.

The truck and trailer were found abandoned nine days after the heist, but the cognac was not inside. That trailer was yellow with the letters “MSC” on the side: police would love to hear from anyone who saw such a truck being unloaded in recent weeks.

The theft occurred just before St. Patrick’s Day, one of our nation’s greatest alcohol-fueled holidays.

Hennessy Heist: $500K In Top-Shelf Cognac Stolen From Truck In Rosedale [CBS Baltimore]

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