Guy Who’s Been To 11,000 Starbucks Outlets Would Rather Get His Coffee Elsewhere


He’s been around the world in the last 17 years, visiting about 11,000 Starbucks locations in his (likely neverending) quest to visit them all. But when it comes to his own tastes, the man who drinks 10 cups a day says he would rather not drink the coffee at Starbucks. [More]


Here’s Where To Get Free Drinks For National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day, because in this country, everything we ingest must be celebrated nationwide on a single, special day. And instead of giving coffee presents, coffee is giving us presents, by way of free beverage offers at chains around the country. [More]

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McDonald’s Offering Free Morning Coffee For Two Weeks

If you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, this message might not even be entering your brain in any way that makes sense. But for those of you who are functioning, that daily cup of joe could be free, if you like McDonald’s brew: The fast food chain is offering a free small coffee during breakfast hours starting today and going through Sept. 29. [More]


Starbucks Testing Coconut Milk As Another Non-Dairy Option At Some Stores

The sight of soy milk at the local coffee shop is a fairly familiar sight by now, but soon the lactose-free set of customers at certain stores in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Oregon and elsewhere will have yet another non-dairy option to choose from: Coconut milk. [More]


Starbucks Opening Upscale Roastery In Seattle, Testing “Express” Stores In NYC

While there already seems to be a Starbucks on every corner, apparently the company thinks there’s always room for a few more. The coffee slingers announced today that it’s opening a new upscale roastery offering only its Starbucks Reserve line of coffee in Seattle, along with an express mini-store in New York City. [More]

Coffee Companies May Have Already Cracked DRM On Keurig 2.0

When we say that someone has cracked the DRM on something, usually it means a pirated song, game, book, or movie is about to make its way through the less-than-legal back channels of the internet. But this time, one company is announcing that they’ve cracked the DRM on another company’s coffee tech.



Self-Serve Coffee Shop Manages To Make Money On The Honor System

You might think that offering customers the choice to pay whatever they want for something would be a sure way to the poorhouse. But one North Dakota coffee shop is not only making its honor system work, but it’s making money. [More]


The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Goes Through An Elephant Before It Gets To The Cup

We are all mature adults, so I’m sure you can handle the news that the No. 1 most expensive coffee in the world first passes through an elephant as a No. 2. That, and we’ve all heard of those civet cat coffee beans, so now we can just move on and talk about expensive caffeine. And poop. Poop. [More]

McDonald’s Will Sell Bagged Coffee At Grocery Stores, Not Its Own Restaurants

McDonald’s Will Sell Bagged Coffee At Grocery Stores, Not Its Own Restaurants

As the old joke goes, if you burn yourself on McDonald’s coffee at home, at least you can’t sue McDonald’s. It’s not an old joke, but we did make it nonetheless back when Mickey D’s was just testing selling bags of coffee at grocery stores. And now the company is rolling that plan out nationwide soon, with one executive saying the company hopes to sell “lots” of coffee in 2015. [More]

Coffee-Flavored Doughnuts Now Available At Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee-Flavored Doughnuts Now Available At Dunkin’ Donuts

Earlier this year, Krispy Kreme stuffed doughnuts with mocha filling and drizzled coffee flavoring on top. If that sounds delicious, well, too bad: they’re no longer on the menu, replaced with more summery banana creme and carrot cake flavors. Don’t worry, though: coffee-and-pastry competitor Dunkin’ Donuts is here to save us all with doughnuts that don’t have to be dunked to taste like coffee. [More]

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Unholy Alliance Of Coffee And Wine Unite In A Can

People like wine, I’ve heard it said. And people like coffee, I say to my morning cup of joe every day so it knows I appreciate it. But do we really want to mix our booze and our morning buzz, and in a can, no less? [More]

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Starbucks Announces Price Hikes On Drinks & Packaged Coffee Products

Starting next week, you might notice that the price of a cup of joe at Starbucks is a little pricier, and shortly afterward, a bag of coffee at the grocery store might be a bit dearer. The Seattle company says that as the price of arabica beans goes up, so do certain prices for customers beginning June 24. [More]

High-End Coffee Drinkers Could Be Paying More For Their Java Thanks To Devastating Fungus

High-End Coffee Drinkers Could Be Paying More For Their Java Thanks To Devastating Fungus

If high-end, exotic coffee blends are your thing, then consider this your warning. A devastating fungus is wreaking havoc on the crops, meaning your cup of joe could cost a lot more; if you are lucky enough to find it in the first place. [More]


Study: Chemical In Coffee Can Help Prevent Your Eyesight From Going

While many of us rely on coffee to keep our eyes from shutting when we’re getting tired, a new study out of Cornell University says drinking coffee can have another effect on the ol’ peepers: It could help prevent eyesight from deteriorating, say researchers. All the better to see that cup of joe so desperately needed in the morning. [More]

Would You Pay $45 Per Month For Unlimited Coffee?

Would You Pay $45 Per Month For Unlimited Coffee?

How much would you pay per month for an unlimited coffee pass? If you drink coffee daily and don’t brew it at home, that could become a pricey addiction. Yet CUPS, an app out of Israel, recently expanded to this country. Its premise is simple: subscribe and get discounted or even unlimited coffee from independent coffee shops for a discounted price. [More]

Study: Giving Employees More Coffee Leads To More Ethical Workplace Behavior

Study: Giving Employees More Coffee Leads To More Ethical Workplace Behavior

There might be something to the saying “my day doesn’t start until my second cup of coffee.” Okay, maybe I’m the only one that says it, but we could all probably use a little more caffeine in the morning. A new study suggests that the stimulant helps keep employees honest. Cue bosses loading the kitchenette cabinets with bags of coffee.


Maxwell House Coffee Settles For “Good,” Not Great Or Awesome

Maxwell House Coffee Settles For “Good,” Not Great Or Awesome

Young adults are no longer interested in mediocre coffee. As far as Maxwell House is concerned, that’s okay. They don’t need the cool kids with their pour-overs and their burr grinders. Their new marketing campaign targets customers who want coffee that’s just, you know, good enough. [More]

McDonald’s Giving Away Free Coffee For Two Weeks

McDonald’s Giving Away Free Coffee For Two Weeks

In an effort to combat recently launched breakfast efforts at Taco Bell and others, as well as trying to score some positive publicity amid months of negative news and lawsuits regarding its labor practices, McDonald’s is acting like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas morning, gifting free coffee with a smile for two weeks starting Monday. [More]