Starbucks Takes Cold-Brewed Coffee Nationwide

Will your drink come in a mason jar? Probably not.

Will your drink come in a mason jar? Probably not, but if it did, this is what it would look like.

Coffee fans and snobs, rejoice: For those people who prefer their coffee to start cold and stay cold, Starbucks is expanding the availability of its cold-brewed java to all stores nationwide, after testing the stuff in limited quantities in some locations this past spring.

In a move perhaps partially meant to smooth the ruffled feathers of customers who as of today will be paying more for many items at Starbucks, the company announced today that its Cold Brew coffee will be available in all its U.S. and Canada locations. It was previously only available in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest.

So what’s the buzz about cold-brewed coffee? As its name would indicate, the drink is made without heat, and is instead brewed slowly with coffee grounds that are steeped in cool water for 20 hours. Many consider cold-brewed coffees to be a smoother, less bitter drink than hot-brewed coffees, while packing a more caffeinated punch. All things that make sense because of that longer steeping time. Starbucks said previously, however, that its Cold Brew will only have a few more milligrams of caffeine per serving than its other cold coffees.

The new drink will go for $3.25 for 16 ounces, which is $0.60 more than the $2.65 price of a regular iced coffee for that size.

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