Police: Man Punched Through Window Of Starbucks And Fell Inside, Injuring Two Customers

A coffee break turned dangerous for customers at a Houston Starbucks, when a man punched his way through a window from the outside, shattering it. Police say he then fell through it, injuring himself and two customers who were sitting inside at a table near the window.

According to the sheriff’s office, a man who appeared intoxicated was asking people for money and cigarettes at a shopping center’s Chipotle before moving on to Starbucks, reports Click 2 Houston.

Witnesses said he was acting strangely, and after he was turned down a few times, he became aggravated and punched the front glass window of the Starbucks. He hit it so hard he toppled through, as glass rained down on him and the two women sitting inside.

Officers said one woman nearly lost her finger. All three were taken to the hospital and are listed in stable condition.

The suspect could be facing criminal mischief charges.

Beggar punches window at Starbucks, falls through and injures 2 women [Click 2 Houston]

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