Keurig Apologizes For Taking Away “My K-Cup” Reusable Coffee Filters, Promises To Bring Them Back

When Keurig came out with its new 2.0 machine last year, there was an almost immediate uproar — not only did the system make it impossible to use non-Keurig licensed coffee pods made by other brands, but it did away with its own non-disposable “My K-Cup” reusable coffee filter that cut down on waste and let people brew a pot of whatever kind of coffee they wanted. After admitting that sales of the 2.0 machines were far from great, the company now says it’s sorry it ever took My K-Cup off the market, and will be returning it to shelves.

Sales of brewers and accessories went down by 23%, the company says, likely due to the restrictions on the 2.0 that angered many customers, reports the Washington Post.

“We heard loud and clear from consumers who really wanted the ‘My K Cup’ back,” said CEO Brian Kelley during a call with market analysts. “We want consumers to be able to bring any brand and bringing the my cup back allows that.”

He says that though the device was a “terrific addition” for the consumer, “it wasn’t used a lot.” But he admits that maybe, perhaps people wanted coffee other than Keurig’s brands to drink, saying it was “a nice element to have if they were given coffee as a gift…. We took it away because ‘My K cup” wasn’t going to work with our new system.”

No you-know-what, Sherlock. Taking away the ability for competitors to sell coffee to Keurig’s customers was quite clearly a business move, but one that the company apparently regrets in the face of consumer backlash and the resulting pile-ups of Keurig 2.0 machines on shelves.

“Quite honestly, we were wrong,” Kelley said. “We underestimated the passion the consumer had for this. We missed it. We shouldn’t have taken it away. We’re bringing it back.”

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