Starbucks Will Offer Cold-Brew Coffee, In Limited Quantities

Dedicated iced coffee drinkers and dedicated snobs will tell you that the flavor of cold-brewed coffee is superior to coffee that has been brewed the regular way and cooled down. You’ll soon be able to try Starbucks’ version of the drink in certain regions of the country, but only if you get there early enough.

Because Starbucks didn’t want to fill up its freezers with coffee ice cubes to be combined with hot milk, they’ve put together a special cold-brewing blend of beans that will chill for 20 hours before being served. This long prep time means that each store that serves cold-brewed coffee will only have one batch per day, enough to make about 40 “grande” cups of the beverage.

Cold-brewed coffee is known for being less bitter, but also with a stronger flavor and more caffeine. That makes sense, given the 20 hours of brewing. Some people prefer to dilute it with water. However, Starbucks told media outlets that their blend will only have a few milligrams more caffeine than their typical iced brewed coffee.

Starbucks Goes All In, Introduces Trendy Cold-Brew Coffee [Eater]

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