‘Boston Massacre’ Nike Shirts Garner High Asking Prices On eBay After Being Pulled From Stores

bostonmassacreIn the wake of recent events, it’s not surprising that Nike would want to stop selling shirts that feature the phrase “Boston Massacre,” complete with blood-stained letters. So of course it probably comes as little shock that folks who have these shirts are now trying to unload them for high prices on eBay.

ABC News confirmed
reports that Nike has officially pulled the shirt, which has nothing to do with last week’s explosions at the Boston Marathon or the subsequent manhunt for the suspects, from its own stores and from major retailers. The shirt was intended for New York Yankees fans (see the NY logo on the back) as a way to rub in previous 4-0 playoff sweeps against the Boston Red Sox in 1978 and 2006, while also referencing the 1770 incident in which British soldiers fired on a crowd of civilians, murdering five men.

We found at least two people already trying to sell these shirts on eBay, one asking a flat $129.97 and the other offering it at $119.99, while also allowing people to bid starting at $59.99. As of right now, zero bids had been placed on the shirt. So perhaps there isn’t the interest that these sellers think there is.

In February, Nike pulled bullet-themed ads from the website of Olympian Oscar Pistorius, who has been accused of shooting his girlfriend to death.

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