Bolt Bus Near Boston Explodes, Engulfed In Flames

bus_flamesYou may be familiar with Bolt Bus: they’re a discount line that provides direct service between cities in the Northeast and on the West Coast. Some passengers traveling from New York to Boston were fortunate to escape their vehicle before it was engulfed in flames about 15 minutes outside of Boston.

While the bus fire and its aftermath had a serious effect on traffic yesterday, no one on board was injured. One passenger explained to TV station WCVB that someone in a regular passenger vehicle alerted the driver that there was smoke coming from the back of the bus, and the passengers escaped quickly. Which was good: the fire spread throughout the bus, causing an audible explosion when the windows of the vehicle blew off.

This was not the first sign of trouble for the bus: it had already broken down for a few hours in Connecticut earlier in the trip, and then resumed its trip just in time to explode and block all traffic on I-90 during rush hour. How rude.

Bus bursts into flames on Massachusetts Turnpike [WCVB]

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