If You’re Having An Open House, Don’t Leave Pills In Your Medicine Cabinet

As we’ve already shown today, some folks will go to great lengths to steal prescription medications. But why deal with having to pry open a security door when a wannabe pill thief can just go to an open house and hope to score in the unlocked medicine cabinet?

WBZ-TV in Boston reports that local real estate agents are increasingly hearing about prescription pills going missing after open houses.

On agent recalls how he believes he got tricked into abetting a pill thief.

“It was at the end of the day, I was by myself, it was a two-story house,” he explains. “And a young woman came with a baby on her arm, in a carrier, and she said, ‘Do you mind if I just put the baby down and run upstairs?’”

The woman — the only person to view the house that day — did not linger in the loo, but she was apparently making quick work of the homeowner’s medication stash.

“The next day I got a call from the homeowner that there were some pills missing from the medicine cabinet,” says the agent.

Norfolk County, MA, District Attorney Michael Morrissey says there has been a rash of people caught rummaging through strangers’ medicine cabinets.

At his suggestion, some real estate agents in the county will soon begin handing out resealable plastic plastic bags to homeowners so that they can keep their meds together — but out of the medicine cabinet — during open houses.

Of course, you don’t need your real estate agent to give you a plastic bag in order to clear out your medicine cabinet during the open house. Use your own bag, or box, or plastic/metal container, and take them with you for the few hours that strangers are popping by to judge your choice of furniture and choice of paint color.

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