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Uber Trying To Make Nice With Cities By Sharing Traffic Data

Have you ever watched a busy downtown city street and wondered how many of those cars are Ubers, how far they’re going, and how long it usually takes them to get there? City planners and transit administrators do, and so to make their lives a little easier, Uber’s planning to start giving away some aggregated, public-interest data to help transit planners plan. [More]


Here’s Why The Reddi-Wip Shortage Is Extra Sad

If you’ve been looking for canned whipped cream from Reddi-wip or other brands for your holiday celebrations, you may have come home empty-handed. Canned whipped cream is in short supply right now, and it’s for a reason that is much sadder than the mere lack of whipped cream. [More]

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When Schools Take Snow Days, Who Gets Hurt? Milk Companies

There are effects of snow days that are obvious, like parents scrambling for childcare and the need to make up days later in the year. One effect that isn’t so obvious is the effect that schools shutting down might have on dairy companies. Yes, those little milk cartons add up. [More]

Fed Votes To Buy Up Treasuries, Keep Mortgage Rates

Fed Votes To Buy Up Treasuries, Keep Mortgage Rates Low

The Fed voted Tuesday to reinvest expiring mortgage-backed securities by putting the money into longer-term Treasuries. That, and the decision to keep rates at 0 to 1/4 percent, should keep mortgage rates low. Here’s the full statement following their coffee klatsch: [More]