Is Borders Shrinking Its CD And DVD Sections?

We received this tip from an alleged Borders employee today. According to this person, if you saw some yellow discount tags of 30% off DVDs and CDs in your local Borders store this weekend, it’s a sign that they’re closing out those sections except for top sellers. Expect to see much steeper discounts in the coming weeks. The full tip is copied below.

Hello, I am a Borders employee in Massachusetts and I’m sharing some news with you. If you’ve traveled into your local Borders this past weekend and noticed yellow signs everywhere indicating 30% off DVDs and CDs, you may have thought that was excellent. But then again our prices have always been a little high, so it’s probably bringing it down to the same price as Amazon/Best Buy now.

Well hang in there. Over the next 7 week period most Borders are getting rid of 75% of their CDs and DVDs to pretty much get rid of the section, due to the economy and poor sales. To my understanding they will still be carrying the “top sellers” from that point on. But during the 7 week period I’ve been informed that the clearance prices will gradually rise from 30%, 40%, 50%, 75% and then FINALLY $1 to get everything else out the door.

They did this similar thing with all the calendars at the beginning of the year. But this is much bigger than calendars! So just a heads up if you happen to be in Borders, wait at least another week until the prices start to drop more.

(Photo: Infrogmation)