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Kmart Buys Closeouts From Liquidating Companies To Offer More Tempting Deals

Maybe they got the idea from their own store closing sales. Kmart announced today that it is seeking out a new type of merchandise in hope of finding more fabulous deals. It wants to compete with retailers like Big Lots and Ollie’s by purchasing dirt-cheap merchandise from liquidating companies. The chain’s president, Alasdair James, says that the retailer wants to offer its customers “truly brag-worthy” and “extreme-value deals.” [More]

Here’s Where The Gifts You Return To The Store Will End Up

Here’s Where The Gifts You Return To The Store Will End Up

Are you planning to return a gift this holiday season? The odds are good that you’re returning something: as many as 15% of all items bought online are returned to the retailer, and the number is even higher for items where fit and color can vary, like clothing. When an item has been opened or is otherwise unfit to go back on the store shelf, where does it end up? It goes to a growing industry of specialized liquidators. [More]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearing Out All Livestrong Items For Some Reason

Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearing Out All Livestrong Items For Some Reason

What’s that, you say? People just aren’t flocking to athletic equipment endorsed by Lance Armstrong since he admitted that his professional cycling career was full of doping and lies? That makes sense. That’s bad news if you’re Dick’s Sporting Goods, and half of the pricey fitness equipment you sell is Livestrong-branded. It is, however, great news for consumers. [More]

Is Borders Shrinking Its CD And DVD Sections?

Is Borders Shrinking Its CD And DVD Sections?

We received this tip from an alleged Borders employee today. According to this person, if you saw some yellow discount tags of 30% off DVDs and CDs in your local Borders store this weekend, it’s a sign that they’re closing out those sections except for top sellers. Expect to see much steeper discounts in the coming weeks. The full tip is copied below.


You probably won’t be surprised by this, but it looks like Circuit City’s liquidation deals aren’t very good deals at all. [Gizmodo]

Complete CompUSA Closeout List

HW Blog says they’ve got a copy of the complete list of “savings” to be had at the closeout CompUSAs.

On Second Thought, Don't Expect Good Prices During CompUSA Fire Sales

News of CompUSA closing 100 stores brought visions of fire sales to our eyes (burn, prices, burn!), but our CompUSA insider says those fantasies may be just that.

"D" or "N" At CompUSA Means Deals

You know you can get a good deal on a CompUSA product if there is a “D” or a “N” on the price sign. Most have have an A – before the UPC number.. but a CompUSA worker tells us that for anything with a D or a N…