DVDs Are More Expensive In Target’s Reality Vortex

Like many Americans, I like to shop at Target. However, walking inside the friendly red doors means that shoppers must accept that they’re entering a different reality. Inside the Target Reality Vortex, numbers have no meaning, and ordinary retail logic doesn’t hold up.
Shopping there is easier once you’ve accepted this, but our readers still send us pictures from Target’s reality vortex.

Moshe found prime examples where Target was trying to sell DVDs as an impulse item. That’s a good idea, but he noticed that the display and the films on it didn’t quite line up. The shelf promoted the DVD release of Minions, which is nice, and had a sign up top advertising “Favorite movies under $10.”

As a new release, Minions probably won’t be priced under $10, but surely the other movies in the display would be. Right?


Stranger still, do you see the $5 sign off to the left? Using normal retail logic, you would probably assume that it marks a real discount shelf full of cheap DVDs. You would be wrong. It’s not clear what costs $5 here, but it isn’t the Scooby-Doo feature on that first shelf.


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