Cops Find "Ball Of Pubic Hair" In Wendy's Sandwich, Act Surprised

A pair of West Virginia Wendy’s employees are facing misdemeanor charges after dropping a “ball of pubic hair” into a police officer’s sandwich. 32-year-old Thomas Bender admitted to garnishing the sandwich, and 20-year-old Joshua Monroe “admitted he encouraged Bender to do it.” The officer, though, saw this coming…

After finishing his Wendy’s chili, which was presumably fine, he carefully inspected his sandwich before taking a chomp.

A charge of tampering with food is pending for Bender. Monroe could be charged with aiding and abetting or conspiracy, police said.

Deputies are waiting for Bender’s blood test results. If he has any diseases, the misdemeanor charge will be escalated to a felony.

Cecil said the whole incident has police disgusted.

“(Officers) don’t have a chance to go home and get a meal and have to rely on these places,” Cecil said. “And who knows if this has happened in the past? This time we caught somebody.”

It’s not easy being a cop. Still unknown, whether the cop had any difficulty ordering a liter of cola.

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