Tennessee Suspends And Opens Investigation Of Police Officer Who Shoved Walmart Receipt Checker

Earlier this month, we wrote about a Tennessee police officer who shoved a 71-year-old Walmart greeter to the ground after he tried to check his receipt. He originally wasn’t going to face charges; now he’s been suspended and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into it.

Detective Kenneth Freeman was leaving the Walmart with another officer when the greeter asked to see his receipt and reached for it. Freeman shoved the greeter into a vending machine. When another customer tried to intervene, Freeman allegedly pushed him through a glass door.

The best part?

Officer Freeman was on-duty at the time of the incident, the report states. He said he stopped at the Wal-Mart with another officer to buy last-minute Christmas gifts.

TBI Investigating Chattanooga Cop’s Wal-Mart Conduct [Chattanooga Free Press] Thanks, John!
(Photo: dooleymtv)