EECB Gets Credit Union To Pay Up $125

Rick has been trying for months to get his his credit union, Opportunities Credit Union of Vermont, to pay up for a $125 home inspection, and now, a week after sending his EECB, he prevailed. As we wrote last week, his credit union was supposed to pay for a home inspection but said they didn’t have to because the bill was never sent. However, the home inspector uses an electronic billing system and it showed that the credit union rep had in fact read the sent bill. Emails and phone calls between Rick and his credit union rep led to a stalemate. Then Jim sent off an executive email carpet bomb and got the following back from the credit union president:

Hello Rick,
I just left you a message on your phone but will also confirm in writing.

There was a misunderstanding on our part when one of the staff looked at the monies disbursed and saw $125 had been paid out, she assumed it was to Jim Breer which in fact it was for the inspection instead. As this money was to have been paid from the seller’s escrow, we will attempt to have it paid from there, if not, we will pay it ourselves. I do apologize for the time it has taken to get this resolved and assure you that our staff were well intended and generally get high marks from our members for the work they do.

I am available should you need to chat further and thank you for your


Go back to Jim’s letter in the original post and use it as a guideline in the future. It’s polite, to the point, focuses on facts, explicitly states the desired outcome. Best of all, it worked. He himself used the complaint letter template in this post as an outline, it, too, should be inspiration for your next letter of complaint.

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