Qwest Does Away With Support Via Email

Update: Qwest has updated their contact page to provide (slightly) more information.

Justin tried to contact Qwest last week to resolve a problem with their service. He clicked the “E-mail Us” link under “Residential” and a window popped up with the following message:

Your questions and concerns are very important to us, however we are no longer able to respond to email. Please consider the other contact options available.

The “Small Business” email option has been disabled, too.

Justin points out,

Email is an amazing tool for communicating complex technical problems. My intention was to email them a screenshot, which clearly shows the problem. Explaining this issue over the phone would be nearly impossible.

Email is also useful for contacting customer support when you don’t have a lot of time to sit around waiting to be told how Very Important you are to the company. Apparently, however, it’s too old fashioned for Qwest to deal with.

Remember, if you’ve tried to resolve a problem with your Qwest account and haven’t had any luck, you can always try one of the people listed in their corporate directory.

(Photo: Getty)